Tourism consumer behaviour

In recent years, the tourism industry has been transformed, and with it, consumer behaviours in tourism. Internet access, competitive pricing and social media are just a few factors which have broadened travelers’ horizons and put the power of research and booking at their fingertips, shifting the preferences and behaviours of consumers in the tourism industry. 

But how exactly are these cultural and societal shifts affecting tourism consumer behaviour? Can consumer behaviour in the hotel industry/with airlines remain persuaded by memberships or loyalty points when there are cheaper options available on the price comparison websites? Are tourists more persuaded in choosing their travel destinations by a nationwide ad campaign or a travel blogger they follow on Instagram? Are environmental concerns enough to reduce a tourism consumer’s airmiles, and choose a staycation instead?

Tourism consumer market research can help those in the industry to both uncover the cultural shifts that are causing tourism consumer behaviours and habits to change as, well as to navigate tourism consumer trends and demographics. Whether in transport, hospitality or recreation, tourism consumer research will add invaluable insights into campaigns, marketing strategies, trends, or simply understanding who your audience are, what they want, and how to reach them.

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