Supermarket market research

Consumer research is key to understanding supermarket success, as it helps to understand the current challenges that customers are faced with when shopping. Shopping habits and customers’ behaviour when doing a supermarket shop have evolved hugely over recent years. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, convenience has played an increasingly important factor in consumer behaviour while shopping and now that customers have such a vast range of products and supermarkets available to them, it is more important than ever to understand customer decision making processes and their motivations. 

Supermarket market research allows insight to be gained from customers, such as why they choose one supermarket over another. Could it be that customers are just behaving in a loyal way to their local farmers market? Or perhaps consumers know where to find better pricing or offers? Or is it simply because the supermarket enables customers to continue to behave in a socially distanced way? 

Now that environmental friendliness is becoming an important factor in customers’ purchasing behaviour, insights can be gathered using consumer surveys to better understand priorities when purchasing from supermarkets. When shopping, are consumers prioritising less plastic packaging on their products over having to pay more? Or are they now opting for vegan or sustainably sourced food over other options? Whether to inform marketing tactics or help develop strategies, supermarket consumer research will deliver invaluable insights to better understand your customers, their challenges, and their needs. Find out how much enlightenment cost with our rate calculator.