Fashion Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour with regards to fashion is dynamic and everchanging, meaning it is important for decision makers to understand the demands of the fashion industry, and the effects of changing seasons, changes over time and demographics. We can help you with this by designing research projects and conducting fashion industry specific research that will enable you to develop a wider understanding of the market. 

Market research with fashion consumers can be used to find out post-COVID 19 desires for products – including jewellery, cosmetics and clothing. Questions could include the importance of premium, high quality fashion or consumers thoughts on the effects of fast fashion. Fashion consumer research will enable these questions to be answered, as well as many more helping your business to grow.

Whether you would like large scale, small scale or brand specific data as part of your consumer market research in the fashion industry Opinipoll can help you develop a better understanding of the enterprising and exciting fashion industry. Your survey will be tailored to your audience and the insight can be used to develop your brand messaging, audience understanding or produce noteworthy content.  Visit our calculator to get an instant quote for your consumer survey…