Comms research

In times of uncertainty and change, such as that which is currently being driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, both internal and external communications are vital to keep people informed. Communications research can be crucial in gauging attitudes and opinions of both your workers and/or your customers in order to tailor your methods of reaching them, […]

Omnibus survey

An omnibus survey works by incorporating questions from multiple clients onto a single survey which is run on a periodic basis. Incorporating your company’s market research into omnibus research allows you a cost-effective route to a robust consumer audience, with results typically returned very quickly. Paying to get on the omnibus allows you to share […]

Consumer attitude surveys

A consumer’s attitude affects not only how they interact with products or brands but also which products and brands they engage with – and (whether a good or bad thing) these attitudes are ever-changing. To stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to understand these consumer attitudes inside out – what they are, where they […]

Consumer behaviour surveys

As a consumer behaviour agency, we understand that as human beings we are all subject to myriad motivational pushes and pulls when it comes to how we behave as consumers. Through consumer behaviour surveys we can add the “why” to the “what” and in doing so we can gain insights into how you can tip […]

Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Research into consumer expenditure can help businesses understand where household budgets are going, and how much is being spent. As a consumer survey company, we know that consumer purchasing is essential to fuelling the economy.  We also understand how valuable surveys around consumer expenditure can be to discovering the unmet needs of consumers around shopping […]

Consumer insight surveys

Consumer insight surveys are a quick and cost-effective way of getting a deeper understanding of customer behaviour. The use of data is vital to informing marketing efforts and business strategy; a simple opinion survey with customers can help to gather insights from the minds of your target audience to help you make these business decisions […]

Consumer loyalty and trust surveys

Consumer loyalty surveys are essential in understanding patterns of consumer loyalty and, as a result, enabling you to grow your business in a way that will attract and retain loyal consumers. Surveys exploring consumer trust provide insights that decision makers can use to fully understand consumer loyalty.  You will uncover their likelihood of returning to […]

Digital online shopping consumer behaviour

The digital age has transformed many aspects of our life, a major one being how we shop. Digital consumer behaviour is a new wave of consumer behaviour which is rapidly changing. Ever-growing online markets, the rise of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, the importance of data security and online payment methods are all issues rising […]

Fashion Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour with regards to fashion is dynamic and everchanging, meaning it is important for decision makers to understand the demands of the fashion industry, and the effects of changing seasons, changes over time and demographics. We can help you with this by designing research projects and conducting fashion industry specific research that will enable […]

Luxury Consumer Behaviour

Many factors affect opinions on luxury products, ranging from economic situations to demographics (an obvious one being income) to geographical location. We can help you design research projects to understand luxury markets and consumers, generating reliable data for decision makers to have a deepened understanding of luxury consumer behaviours and habits.  In recent years internet […]

Banking consumer behaviour

In today’s uncertain climate, awareness of banking consumer behaviour, particularly regarding online banking, is critical. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, online banking had been growing as the public considered the trade-off between brick-and-mortar banks and their mobile app alternatives, along with the emergence of the PSD2 in the EU. Now, more than ever, insights into […]

Consumer feedback

Consumer feedback surveys can be crucial to ensure your business can continue to grow and adapt with customer wants and needs. Sometimes it can be hard to reach a wide variety of your customers to gauge opinions – a consumer satisfaction survey can help solve this. Through online questionnaires that can have a worldwide reach […]

Retail consumer behaviour

With conversation growing around changing consumer needs, shops on the high street and their ability to compete with online shopping, it has become increasingly important to have an updated understanding of retail consumer behaviour. Industry decision-making can be informed through retail consumer market research, ever more important given the impact of Covid-19 on shopper spending […]

Supermarket market research

Consumer research is key to understanding supermarket success, as it helps to understand the current challenges that customers are faced with when shopping. Shopping habits and customers’ behaviour when doing a supermarket shop have evolved hugely over recent years. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, convenience has played an increasingly important factor in consumer behaviour while […]

Tourism consumer behaviour

In recent years, the tourism industry has been transformed, and with it, consumer behaviours in tourism. Internet access, competitive pricing and social media are just a few factors which have broadened travelers’ horizons and put the power of research and booking at their fingertips, shifting the preferences and behaviours of consumers in the tourism industry.  […]