Yes, if you have their contact details, we can certainly do this. Our parent company, Sapio Research, are the experts for this type of research.

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Unfortunately, we cannot give you the contact details of the respondents as everything is done anonymously and confidentially. The ‘GDPR police’ would get very upset.

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We cannot guarantee what the headlines will be; consumer behaviour can be difficult to predict. Besides, if you know the results for sure, what’s the point in a survey?!

However, we can advise you on how each question supports headlines and the type or reliability of consumer opinions you might get.

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Yes, we can send you one, depending on what you are trying to do.

We’ve created and overseen hundreds of questionnaires and we’re experts in PR research.

If you’d like a template, then we’d be happy to send one, just ask.

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Once the questions are approved and finalised, we programme (or script) the survey.

The script is checked internally by another team member to make sure that everything is correct.

We then create a hyperlink to the survey, where the hyperlink is tested and pilot data is collected.

Once we’re happy that the survey collects data correctly and the question responses make sense, we send out the survey link to the required number of people.

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Unfortunately not. After the questions have been finalised there is no room for change as these may have already been sent off to our respondents or to translation.

However, do not worry, we will always check the questionnaire and finalise things with you before we press start on the consumer surveys.

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