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Once the questions are approved and finalised, we programme (or script) the survey.

The script is checked internally by another team member to make sure that everything is correct.

We then create a hyperlink to the survey, where the hyperlink is tested and pilot data is collected.

Once we’re happy that the survey collects data correctly and the question responses make sense, we send out the survey link to the required number of people.

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Unfortunately not. After the questions have been finalised there is no room for change as these may have already been sent off to our respondents or to translation.

However, do not worry, we will always check the questionnaire and finalise things with you before we press start on the consumer surveys.

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The contract is with whomever signs our statement of work, so if your client signs this, then the invoice will go directly to them. So theoretically, yes, we can invoice the client but let us know before we start.

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Simply sign the brief statement of work that we send, which summarises project requirements. When we have the signature, we can get straight to work.

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After the final question set is agreed, we set it up on our system and collect the interview responses.

Once we’ve hit the target number, we provide Excel data tables within the timescales agreed with you.

This can be followed up with a PowerPoint presentation containing a review of the data (usually following 2 to 3 days after the data tables).

For quick consumer surveys, the whole process can take less than a week.

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For a consumer opinion poll, it will usually be completed within 2 days of receiving the signed-off questionnaire.

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