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Tips for analysing international data

Cultural and language differences sometimes make it hard to compare country responses as different cultures tend to answer questions differently. We’ve seen in many of our research studies that some countries are more likely to say “yes” than others. This is because of the cultural/language definition of the word “yes” rather than the subject of […]

Tips for writing a good comms research questionnaire

Tip No. 1 – Know the headlines you’re looking for Having a set of desired headlines that you’d like to get from the survey as a base makes writing the questionnaire much easier. Do you have a hypothesis to validate? Do you have an impact or maturity model to create? If so, then make sure […]

Online research is a way of collecting information, data or consumer opinions by using the internet. The methods used could include online surveys, opinion polls, online omnibus surveys, self-completion surveys and questionnaires.

People are sent a link to the online survey to complete it on their phone, tablet or computer, making it very quick, easy and efficient for both researcher and respondent. Win, win!

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It really depends. The more interviews you do, the more robust your data. If the group you want to sample is specific, this may limit the number of interviews you can get. We are happy to chat you through your specific requirements.

If you’re looking for a budget option, then 500 will do; if you want quick consumer surveys which are great for PR research, 1,000 is a good start; if you want quality consumer surveys that give you a reliable level of analysis and granularity, then 2,000 is more suitable. If the group you want to sample is specific, this may limit the number of interviews you can get.

We are happy to chat you through your specific requirements.

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If we say yes, we mean yes. Assuming the type of people you want to speak to aren’t too out-there, we can collect many thousands of interviews.

If the target audience (or ‘sample’ in researcher speak) is very specific and we can only get a limited number of interviews, maybe think about whether there’s leeway on whose opinions you need, as the more limited the audience, the more costly the research.

We’re able to accurately estimate how many we can get as we have lots of experience. If we can’t get them, we will tell you before we start.

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We have a number of ways to make sure that there is no dodgy data.

For example, trap questions help us to recognise whether someone is not reading the question properly. Detection software and algorithms are used to spot when someone is answering randomly or whether the survey is filled out by bots.

We also make sure that people are who they say they are as people may just try to get extra money. Our partners comply with ESOMAR, MRS, ARF, MRIA, AMA, AMSRO and Insights Association standards, plus our national ISO standards, so there are rigorous processes all the way through.

It’s important that we carry out quality consumer surveys for comms research as the client’s reputation shouldn’t be put at risk through poor quality responses.

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